Pride Month has come and gone, now what?
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Pride Month has come and gone, now what?

Jeffrey Johnson - 08.16.2021

Our Pride Month celebrations at Teleperformance were brimming with activities and enthusiastic participation from people all over and it brought a surge of hope in so many of us.

More and more organizations and leaders are recognizing the value of true diversity and inclusion in terms of growth and innovation and are showing interest in moving forward. Many may ask, now what?

This is something that we’ve also prepared ourselves for. When the limelight moves to the next advocacy, how do we keep the momentum going?

We’ve made solid steps forward, to be sure. We have articulated our stand and principles through a robust D&I Policy. We have signified support for the United Nations LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex) Standards for Business, conveying our firm belief in the universal principle of equality and the right to freedom of all human beings. These principles are supported by concrete action, including investments in facilities such Universal Access Restrooms in all business sites and an inclusive HMO policy that provides employees the option to enroll domestic partners to our top-tier HMO provider, regardless of gender. These policy changes extend throughout the year, not just during Pride Month.

But we’ve only begun. So at Teleperformance Philippines, we took the opportunity to form our TP Pride Council. It is composed of employees from various backgrounds and teams, who have been actively engaging the company in conversations that matter to the LGBT+ community.

And we've launched our business resource group TP Pride, where employees can join and actively participate in helping build ways and means towards our goals. Together with our TP Pride Council, we go beyond Pride Month and get down to work, put our heads together, empower and enable our people to bring their whole selves to work and be recognized for the contribution that each one brings to the table.

We've also awarded passionate and committed DE&I advocates for the first time in our Circle of Excellence awards. These awards recognize the best of the best of Teleperformance and I am so thrilled to see more team members entering this circle.

This is a journey that will take time and plenty of effort, we understand that. But our eyes are on the outcomes – happy and fulfilled people who are empowered to be as creative, innovative, and productive as they can possibly be.

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