A Toast to Firsts: TP in the USA Is GPTW-Certified!

Travis Coates - 01.22.2020

As Teleperformance demonstrates industry-leading practices that exemplify resiliency and elevate the customer experience, we remain committed to fostering the trust, camaraderie, and well-being of those who matter the most to us: our employees.

For us, it’s all about embracing our differences and advocating for diversity, employee growth, inclusion, and equality. We have always believed in the value of keeping our employees happy. Their trust is priceless, and we remain grateful every time our employees recognize our commitment to their happiness, motivations, safety, and development. This is why we are honored to announce that Teleperformance in the US has been certified as a Great Place to Work® (GPTW) by the renowned Great Place to Work® Institute—a first time for a US employer of our size to receive this prestigious certification in the US! This makes us absolutely one of a kind!

GPTW is the global authority on workplace culture. It follows a global standard in defining high-performing workplaces in all sectors and has recognized companies for notable workplace environment and strong culture. Its proven model and methodology, including its Trust Index© Survey and Great Place to Work® Trust Model©, have guided research on workplace culture for decades.

Teleperformance in the US continues to thrive in a people-centric culture that embraces our people’s differences and advocating for diversity, employee growth, inclusion, and equality. This GPTW certification reflects our employees’ positive experiences with the company, their jobs, their peers, and workplace environment. Through this recognition, our commitment to putting the employee experience at the heart of our business continues to shine, allowing our people to be at their best in what they do.

When it comes to diversity, inclusion, and equality initiatives, employees agreed that they are treated fairly regardless of their gender, race, or sexual orientation. Recognizing the utmost importance of taking care of our employees’ health and safety throughout a challenging time, our COVID-19 responses were also valued by our employees: 93% of employees at Teleperformance in the US feel that it is a safe place to work.

This is the first time that Telepeformance in the US has received this certification and is just one step in our journey. Recognition is our employees telling us where our efforts are working, yet we are constantly evolving and listening to feedback and adjusting as appropriate. 

Teleperformance in the US’s GPTW certification is truly a proud achievement and fortifies our passion to continue building a people-centric, humanity-first workplace culture where trust, values, employee satisfaction, safety, and growth play key roles in our day-to-day operations. We are always grateful to all our employees who continue to drive us forward and keep us stronger!

These firsts for our teams in the US — receiving their first GPTW certification and setting a new standard for US BPO industry companies — truly deserve a celebration. We would like to congratulate our teams at Teleperformance in the US for these milestones! We are proud of you always. Here’s a toast to firsts, and many more to come. #Proud2beTP

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