Fabletics Offers Athleisure Subscriptions to the Guys

Tiffany Miller - 02.18.2020

Athleisure has been with us for a couple of decades now, but in the past few years it has dramatically increased in popularity — some commentators are already calling athleisure the defining fashion trend of the twenty-first century. We are only two decades into this century, so there is still time for new trends to take over, but nobody can deny this trend is important.

Analysts have estimated the athleisure sector as being valued at around $167 billion, although Vogue recently warned that growth is slowing and brands need to explore and attract non-traditional customers.

This could mean older, or more professional customers. Many office environments allow athleisure in the workplace so some brands are pitching for this market — casual clothes to go to work in.

But I was really interested to see that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand is expanding and choosing to focus on a new range entirely for men. She has recently been active on Instagram with her boyfriend and son unboxing some of the new products and smartly leveraging their social media presence.

I’m going to the eTail conference in Palm Springs later this month and Fabletics is definitely one of the brands I’d love to catch up with at the event. I have written in the past about how much I feel the subscription business model has to offer to both retail and fashion. I think if you combine the subscription model with great products and a highly visible founder then it’s almost a guaranteed recipe for success.

There has always been athleisure available for men, but much of the fashion coverage has focused on the options for women. It’s great to see that one of the leading brands in this sector is now pushing hard to ensure that men can enjoy their athleisure just as much as the women!

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