TIEC: Using Innovation to Improve Content Moderation

TIEC: Using Innovation to Improve Content Moderation

Tiffany Miller - 03.04.2020

Teleperformance recently opened the Teleperformance Innovation Experience Center (TIEC) in Santa Clara, California. It’s right in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Several colleagues of mine have already written articles about what the TIEC brings to the table in terms of being able to work on innovation with clients. The TIEC offers a single location where our innovation and experience from the 80 countries where we operate can all be captured and demonstrated to clients and those who might be interested in working with us.

It’s clear that the entire customer experience industry is transforming and being reinvented. The TIEC allows our team to demonstrate capabilities in world-leading data analytics, automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) — all of these areas are rapidly becoming a part of the modern customer experience. The TIEC creates a vision of the future, but it is here in California today.

This is a really important development for the teams we work with that are focused mainly on content moderation and how to keep people safe from offensive content posted online, ensuring accuracy for images and videos, responding to criticism and ensuring that the voice of the brand, particularly on social networks and media sites. You can read more from what I previously wrote in Using AI to Improve Content Moderation and From Content Moderation to Social Listening.

Content moderation absolutely requires global insights. Just look around at the different rules and cultural standards. In Germany, hate-speech (especially related to the Nazis) is illegal. Some American Twitter users are even filtering their own timeline by setting their location to be inside Germany. In China, Internet users started using references to Winnie the Pooh whenever they wanted to talk about President Xi without attracting attention. Even today, a Google search for Winnie the Pooh is likely to return images of the Chinese president.

The TIEC is a great asset in our ability to bring teams together so they contribute their ideas and intelligence when working on content moderation policies. I don’t know of any other similar service company that has a resource like this. We can work with teams in other locations just as easily as if we were all in the same room.

The TIEC offers this advantage to my team and I’ve been back several times since the opening ceremony, so I have already seen real-life examples of teams working together because of the innovation center. If you have any questions about the TIEC or you are interested in paying a visit yourself then please just get in touch via my LinkedIn.

You can also learn more about Teleperformance’s Content Moderation Solution here: http://learn.engageteleperformance.com/TP_Content_Moderation.html #TPContentMod

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