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Teleperformance joins tech industry leaders, Thorn and All Tech is Human to support strong child safety commitments for generative AI


New York, April 23, 2024Teleperformance, a global leader in digital business services, has joined a group of key tech industry leaders including Google, Meta and Open AI in a coordinated effort aimed at preventing harm to children through the misuse of generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Teleperformance is the only content moderation services provider to help launch the initiative, by committing to support tech clients in helping to keep children safe as they develop, deploy, and maintain generative AI technologies. 

The initiative, led by Thorn, a nonprofit dedicated to defending children from sexual abuse, and All Tech is Human (ATIH), an organization dedicated to collectively tackling tech and society’s complex problems, aims to mitigate the risks that generative AI poses to children. Teleperformance joins companies including Amazon, Anthropic, Civitai, Google, Meta, Metaphysic, Microsoft, Mistral AI, Open AI, and Stability AI in this effort to support child safety.

By adopting comprehensive Safety by Design principles, these tech leaders are setting new standards for the ethical development of AI, ensuring that child safety is prioritized at every stage. The commitment marks a significant step forward in preventing the misuse of AI technologies to create or spread child sexual abuse material (AIG-CSAM) and other forms of sexual harm against children. As a leader in content moderation, Teleperformance commits to supporting its clients in meeting the child safety principles by:

  • reviewing client training datasets, and safeguarding them from child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and child sexual exploitation material (CSEM);
  • helping clients detect abusive content (CSAM, AIG-CSAM, and CSEM) in data inputs and outputs;
  • assessing models for their potential to generate AIG-CSAM and CSEM and mitigating any issues found before clients host on their platforms;
  • helping clients retroactively assess hosted models for their potential to generate AIG-CSAM and CSEM, and helping to update them with improvements; and 
  • detecting, reporting, removing, and preventing CSAM, AIG-CSAM and CSEM found on clients’ platforms.

Thorn has published the principles at Additionally, select participating companies joined Thorn and ATIH to publish a comprehensive paper, "Safety by Design for Generative AI: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse," that features these principles and additional mitigations, detailing actionable strategies that AI developers, providers, data hosting platforms, social platforms, and search engines may take to implement these principles, making it more challenging for bad actors to exploit generative AI technologies for harmful purposes.

Teleperformance has long been a leader in Trust and Safety and content moderation services for many of the world’s largest internet-based companies. It recently was recognized as a Leader and Star Performer in Trust and Safety content moderation services by research firm Everest Group for the fourth consecutive year. In 2023, Teleperformance joined the Children Online Protection Laboratory, working with a global group of stakeholders and the French Government to make new strides in safeguarding online experiences for children.


Teleperformance (TEP – ISIN: FR0000051807 – Reuters: TEPRF.PA - Bloomberg: TEP FP), is a global leader in digital business services which consistently seeks to blend the best of advanced technology with human empathy to deliver enhanced customer care that is simpler, faster, and safer for the world’s biggest brands and their customers. The Group’s comprehensive, AI-powered service portfolio ranges from front office customer care to back-office functions, including operations consulting and high-value digital transformation services. It also offers a range of specialized services such as collections, interpreting and localization, visa and consular services, and recruitment process outsourcing services. The teams of multilingual, inspired, and passionate experts and advisors, spread in close to 100 countries, as well as the Group’s local presence allows it to be a force of good in supporting communities, clients, and the environment. In 2023, Teleperformance reported consolidated revenue of €8,345 million (US$9 billion) and net profit of €602 million.

Teleperformance shares are traded on the Euronext Paris market, Compartment A, and are eligible for the deferred settlement service. They are included in the following indices: CAC 40, STOXX 600, S&P Europe 350, MSCI Global Standard and Euronext Tech Leaders. In the area of corporate social responsibility, Teleperformance shares are included in the CAC 40 ESG since September 2022, the Euronext Vigeo Euro 120 index since 2015, the MSCI Europe ESG Leaders index since 2019, the FTSE4Good index since 2018 and the S&P Global 1200 ESG index since 2017.

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Thorn is a nonprofit that builds technology to defend children from sexual abuse. Founded in 2012, the organization creates products and programs to empower the platforms and people who have the ability to defend children. Thorn’s tools have helped the tech industry detect and report millions of child sexual abuse files on the open web, connected investigators and NGOs with critical information to help them solve cases faster and remove children from harm, and provided parents and youth with digital safety resources to prevent abuse. To learn more about Thorn’s mission to defend children from sexual abuse, visit



All Tech Is Human is a nonprofit dedicated to collectively tackling tech and society's complex problems such as mitigating the risks generative AI poses to children. The organization brings together key stakeholders across civil society, government, industry, and academia to understand values, trade-offs, and best practices. Based in NYC with a global audience and impact, All Tech Is Human has a wide variety of activities that are focused on uniting a multistakeholder community, educating a broad audience, and diversifying the traditional tech pipeline to better match the complex problems we face. Learn more at


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