Digital Health and Transformation for a Digital Future

While the Healthcare landscape has already shifted dramatically, healthcare providers have had to rapidly adapt to the fast-evolving needs of patients. Whilst the nature of healthcare delivery has transformed drastically in the last six months, the end goal for providers remains – to provide the best patient experience. To support the end-to-end patient journey, and engage with them at every touchpoint, healthcare providers are increasingly implementing a digital front-door strategy. In a metaphorical sense, the digital front door represents how healthcare organizations engage with patients from the offset – assessing needs, and advising on treatment and care.

In this podcast, Paddy Padmanabhan, CEO with Damo Consulting will share:

  • Actionable insights on the future of Healthcare in the new normal
  • The growing role of digital health and digital transformation in Healthcare
  • Best Practices on developing a robust technology strategy, picking the right technology partners and implementing enterprise digital roadmaps successfully.

Speakers -

Paddy Padmanabhan, CEO with Damo Consulting

Jason Lockbaum - Executive Vice President, Teleperformance

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