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Driving Agent and Customer Experience the Dropbox Way

“The outcome of the customer journey and their experience starts and ends with us,” says Lewis Taylor, Global Head of Support with Dropbox. The company has improved its customer effort score significantly by enabling a customer experience that centers on agents who are happier feel more vested, are empowered, better understand customer’ requirements, and continually share feedback. Lewis strongly believes that this, along with creating an enterprise-wide (including partners) initiative, ensures that their frontline is set up for success and the customer remains at the center of everything they do. In this Podcast, Lewis shares insights on extending customer-centricity thinking across the Dropbox organization, building relationships within the organization and with partners, and decreasing customer effort.


Lewis Taylor - VP, Head of Global CX, Dropbox

Athina Karahogiti - EVP, Strategic Account Management, Teleperformance

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