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Emerging Payments and the Crypto Landscape Today

Emerging payments and digital assets are generating significant market interest and already disrupting traditional financial services. Firms in the enterprise space are beginning to leverage technologies developed and tested in the crypto market through blockchain technology in their payments and settlement, record keeping, securitization, and trading platforms. With increased adoption and mainstreaming of digital assets, multiple commercial opportunities and first-mover advantages are springing up as well as for the financial services industry and those native to crypto. However, the evolving ecosystem is raising new risks unique to the crypto market, such as compliance constraints and private key management. Hence, the resulting emergence of new operators offering services that allow both institutional and private players to access and operate as part of the crypto ecosystem, and use their funds or hold their digital assets safely.

In this podcast, we will dive deeper into understanding emerging payments, the role of crypto assets, their adoption, and how they will impact the existing payment infrastructure.


Mamta Rodrigues - Vice President, President for Financial Services, Teleperformance

Patrick Guckes - Executive Vice President, Financial Services with Teleperformance

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