Digital Transformation

Human Consequence of Automation

With changes in our work environment and with more people working from home, much of today's conversation is focused on what automation can potentially do to strengthen customer engagement, improve processes and augment contact center performance. But what does this actually mean for our agents? While it’s important to note that automation should augment, not replace, human work, It’s time the conversation focused on the human equation in the automated world, focusing on how employee roles will change, and understanding what the human-automation relationship truly entails.

In this podcast, Brian Cantor, Principal Analyst & CCW Digital Director for IQPC's Customer Management Practice, shares interesting trends and statistics and answers pressing questions:

  • How do we zero-in on the tasks weighing down our agents, which are thereby causing productivity and satisfaction challenges?
  • Once we start to automate these tasks, what does it mean for staffing and workflow?
  • What does the human-AI relationship entail and how do we track its impact?
  • How will the rise of automation impact long-term personnel needs and opportunities?

Teleperformance will provide some best practices and insights.

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