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Luxury CX – Why not serve like a luxury brand?

Luxury CX is still in its infancy, simply because it’s exclusive. Employees working for luxury brands invest all their efforts in customer satisfaction. They are focused on positioning the product, building trust, and ensuring customers feel comfortable through the entire buyer journey. It’s a common belief that luxury brand customers are more demanding. In our times, all customers are astute and aware. There is a lot of information available at their fingertips, reviews, social media endorsements, and opinion videos. Perception is everything and brands need to raise their CX game to provide a seamless and comfortable experience.

In this podcast, Abhinav and Heather share their Insights on luxury CX & buyer profiles today, best Practices on how brands can treat their customers like a luxury brands and build customer loyalty.


Abhinav Singh - Vice President, CX Strategist, Teleperformance

Heather Romios - Vice President, Marketing, Teleperformance

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