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Marriott International’s 3 Key Ingredients to Award Winning Customer Experience

Marriott’s success comes from its first core value: Putting People First. As the world’s largest hospitality company, Marriott’s transformation journey is centered around its people. Customers now increasingly expect the contact center to handle complex interactions with an aura of empathy, critical thinking, and personalization. Over the years, Marriott has invested in transformation and a robust service delivery model to empower their employees to handle these emotional connections seamlessly.

As contact centers today struggle to recruit, retain, and engage their employees, Marriott’s strong people-first culture has ensured success even in the most challenging times. From wage rate increases to focusing on employee welfare programs and career growth, to re-skilling and providing flexible work environments, Marriott has successfully closed talent gaps and attracted the right talent to wow their customers. These efforts have led to Marriott winning the coveted Global Traveler’s “Best Frequent-Stay Customer Service Award” for two consecutive years..

Join Shannon Patterson, Senior Vice President with Marriott International, as she shares:

- Insights on Marriott’s award-winning customer engagement service delivery models

- Success stories, wins and outcomes from Marriott’s people-first culture on Marriott’s contact centers

- Best Practices on what it takes to overcome labor issues and attract and retain talent today


Shannon Patterson, Senior Vice President with Marriott International

Rebecca Brown, Executive Vice President, Teleperformance

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