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Tele-Medicine – Triage and Scheduling in the New Normal

Tele-Medicine is certainly the buzzword in Healthcare today. Having said that, it is far from being a new approach to patient care. Despite the availability of telemedicine, only a fraction of providers were utilizing it prior to the COVID 19 outbreak. However, In the new normal, the demand for services is rapidly rising, and on some accounts, volumes have spiked as much as 50%. Today, the WHO is recommending the use of Tele-Medicine for the screening of suspected COVID-19 cases to prevent possible transmission. In this podcast, JoAnne and Linda will focus on triage and scheduling. They will dive deeper to provide insights on how COVID-19 has impacted Healthcare plans and providers and share opportunities that have risen in the new normal.


Linda Comp-Noto - Division President, Healthcare Practice, Teleperformance

JoAnne Anderson - Healthcare Strategic Partner Executive, Teleperformance

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