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The Future of Collections & Empathetic CX Amid Economic Uncertainty

Few conversations about the future of the contact center downplay economic wariness – and few sectors have more cause for concern than collections.

Combining insolvencies with a rapidly increasing cost of living, potential job losses, rising interest rates, and consumer over-commitments, financially stretched households are forced to turn to credit even more. Further, without the injection of liquidity, company balance sheets burdened by existing growing debt, face an enduring risk of insolvencies and defaults. How will a potential economic downturn increase the risk of delinquency? How will it impact brands’ ability to properly resource their contact centers, and then empower those teams to collect from worried customers?

In this podcast, Craig Paterson, SVP Specialty Operations with GM Financial and Brian Cantor, Managing Director with IQPC’s Customer Management Practice division separate fact from fiction when it comes to risk levels and answer pressing questions on the future of collections in 2023, how to use technology and AI to not only survive but thrive. They will share their:

- Assessment on the present risk of payment delinquencies and what we can expect going into 2023

- Success stories and steps brands should be taking right now to maximize results and customer satisfaction

- Best practices on combining data, technology, and strategy to build the most proactive, customer-centric, and effective collections initiative, one that will excel no matter how the economic landscape evolves

- Insights on the rise of Machine Learning, Automation and AI, the demand for empathetic engagement, and the need to rethink employee experiences


Craig Paterson, SVP of Specialty Operations with GM Financial

Brian Cantor, Managing Director with IQPC’s Customer Management Practice division

Roni Teson, VP and Collections Expert with Teleperformance

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