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The Future of CX in the New Economy

In this TP Talks podcast, we talk about all things CX in the New Economy! Most new economy products and services have a larger part of the Customer Journey happening online. In effect, delivering great CX is much harder for new economy firms. From creating awareness about the product or service to building trust in its fulfillment, to gaining commitment from the customer for purchase, and finally building advocacy or word of mouth promotion, the journey is complex and interesting!

Abhinav Singh, Vice President and CX strategist, and Heather Romios, Vice President of Marketing with Teleperformance will share insights, best practices, and real-world success stories on designing CX solutions for brands and helping them generate more revenue at a lower cost to serve.


Abhinav Singh - Vice President, CX Strategist, Teleperformance

Heather Romios - Vice President, Marketing, Teleperformance

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