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Three Key Trends Shaping the Future of Customer Acquisition & Digital Sales

The customer acquisition and sales landscape has evolved faster than ever before, and we are in a different selling market than we were in 2021 or 2022.

“ How can we do more with less and stay relevant” is becoming a hot topic for organizations of all sizes. With innovative approaches to this changing sales landscape, and groundbreaking evolution in AI and automation, there are reasons for optimism. By focusing on targeted, intelligent, and revenue-focused strategies, we can make the most of our resources and drive real results.

To show you how, Lewis Taylor, Vice President of CX Services with CISCO shares:

- Insights on building a clearer understanding of your ideal customer profile and their buying journey
- How to leverage AI & technology that enables you to do more with less
- Best Practices to ensure your customer support teams are revenue generators


Lewis Taylor, Vice President of CX Services with CISCO

Michael Aronowitz, EVP of Digital Sales & Strategy with Teleperformance

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