Are Consumers Ready for Generative AI-augmented Interactions?

Artificial intelligence

Are Consumers Ready For Generative AI Augmented Interactions

Generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) can potentially make CXM operations more effective and can provide key advantages to consumers, such as personalized interactions, better self-service options, shorter resolution times, consistent service across channels, increased agent responsiveness and efficiency, and 24/7 availability. However, consumer wariness around some issues impacts adoption:

Adoption hurdles:

  • Concerns about data privacy and security
  • Lack of human touch in AI interactions
  • The possibility of AI hallucinations causing inaccuracies
  • Unintended consequences related to gen AI and its use in customer experience solutions

Despite these considerations, Generative AI has the power to address CXM limitations, enabling companies to achieve differentiation while making innovation, improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, brand recall, and positive customer experiences possible.

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