E-book: Navigating high-tech product support

Digital Transformation

As technology rapidly advances, sophisticated consumer electronics products have become ubiquitous. In this highly competitive market, brands are vying for customer loyalty through constant innovation and updated product offerings. But do consumer electronics brands provide customers with the necessary support, and are there hidden opportunities to optimize customer service operations?

Download our playbook to learn strategies and techniques our current clients have deployed to improve customer satisfaction, create lasting relationships, and generate revenue.

Navigating High Tech Product Support
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Leader Insights episode

How to design flawless human-centric CX for high-tech products?

High-tech products require an advanced CX strategy, that takes into account considerable differences among customer segments and products used.

Oliver Dorta-Fernandez, EMEA Customer Services Senior Manager at Canon, shares best practices and advice on building successful customer support, and gives an exclusive tour of the operations from the inside out.

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