Keeper of the Keys - Supporting User Experience and Safety in Crypto Custody

Digital Transformation


Despite regulatory ambiguity, crypto assets have stood their ground, gaining enormous traction in recent years. Startups and early investors have certainly enjoyed significant value creation, while firms in the enterprise space are beginning to leverage technologies developed and tested in the crypto market through blockchain technology in their payments and settlement, record keeping, securitization, and trading.

While mainstream adoption is still in its infancy, the broad acceptance of crypto assets across institutions entering and participating in the market is resulting in additional layers of complexity surrounding compliance and private key management. For market players, these new challenges signal the need for a trusted partner to hold their crypto assets for safekeeping, minimizing the risk of theft or loss while ensuring they are available and accessible for speedy transactions on blockchain networks.

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To support the journey towards mainstream adoption, custodians play a strategic partner role, facilitating asset security, compliance, and ease of transaction.

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