Building bridges, not boundaries

Connect talent and transformation with rebadging solutions

We understand the challenges businesses face when transitioning internal services to an outsourced model. We're here to help with our proven rebadging solution. As your partner, we ensure a seamless transfer of your existing workforce, preserving jobs, and mitigating service disruption.

The approach is clear

Our commitment extends beyond business transitions

We ensure that our processes are compliant with local labor laws and regulations, respecting and protecting the rights of our employees. We also work closely with client organizations to maintain business continuity and mitigate any potential service disruption.

Tailored solutions for different maturity stages

Benefit from significant cost reductions, along with an increase in flexibility and scalability that enables you to adapt swiftly to changing market dynamics. Most importantly, our rebadging services allow you to redirect your focus on your core business functions, securing your competitive edge in the marketplace.

Experience rapid market entry and effortless setup with our services. Leverage local expertise, advanced technology, and abundant resources.

Accelerate your digital transformation with access to advanced technology and industry-leading best practices.

Drive financial improvement, accelerate digital transformation, and enhance performance while focusing on your core business.

Why choose Teleperformance?

Great Place To Work® Certified

Great Place to Work®-certified in almost every location

Financial Stability

Financial stability

Greater Career Growth Opportunities For Rebadged Employees

Greater career growth opportunities for rebadged employees

Vast Global Footprint To Support Clients Worldwide

Vast global footprint to support clients worldwide

People TP

Gain insights

Establish the “New” Captive through Rebadging

Turbulent economies and the emergence of new technologies have prescribed captives to rethink the need to outsource business processes. Learn more about rebadging and how it can steer the “new” captive in the right direction.

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