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The internet has made lives easier in many ways, enabling people to communicate, transact, get information, and entertain themselves at a click of a button. However, this same frictionless experience is afforded to all users, resulting in the proliferation of all types of content. Since there are only scant regulations on internet usage and content dissemination, bad actors can easily find workarounds on basic viewer warnings on content and other safeguards, accelerating illegal and harmful activity unprecedentedly.

For parents and brands, the success of cleaning up digital spaces and protecting children from exposure to online threats means having a robust trust and safety ecosystem — from parental awareness and oversight to high-tech and high-touch content moderation and the capacity to control risks. This is where a partnership with a trusted global business services provider comes into play.

The keys to success:

  • A high degree of parental awareness of numerous websites and social media platforms, including their risks
  • A robust machine learning/AI capacity for monitoring search engines and filtering out harmful content across websites and social media
  • A technical and human capacity coupled with a global vantage that allows the review of data streams across an array of social media outlets

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