End-to-end claims management, that delivers better, whatever the world throws at you

Subject matter expertise, service at scale and peak management, that delivers quality first – with flexibility guaranteed. And more. Advanced analytics that drives business improvements and savings. Rigor and structure to both identify fraud and speed settlement. The layered technology and AI to optimize process. Leaving you free to transform to meet the demands of the future.

Meet your challenges with us

We provide end-to-end claims management, that delivers quality, right first time and with flexibility guaranteed. You can scale for expected and unexpected claims peak management supported by our layered technology, AI and processes, and the right people.

Predictable claims management

We can solve your licensing and compliance needs through best-in-class pre-licensing training and credentials processing. Our internal academy is focused on upskilling internal candidates for seeding and bringing external candidates to proficiency. We recruit the right talent. Our ideal claims employee model has been crafted over years of successful delivery. We have reinvented the training journey with digital-led gamification and integrated agent action. Leading to savings, cost reduction and effective peak management.

You can be sure we can manage your day-to-day effectively. Only better. So that you can look ahead and innovate for the future. Delivering predictable claims management, in an unpredictable world.

Constantly evolving regulations demand focused subject matter expertise and ownership. Increasing fraud requires identification and mitigation tools.

Recruitment, training and retention have become increasingly challenging and costly. And open the door for impacted customer experience, inaccurate processing and overall risk.

It’s crucial to understand what the most accurate way is to assess client satisfaction. It’s equally important to determine how that drives key financial metrics and business health.

Cost reduction to reduce the combined ratio matters in this high inflation and cost environment. It also matters in the context of taking care of employees, policyholders and the company.

There is a need to be prepared for peaks, whether they’re expected or unexpected. Being there for policyholders must be achieved without carrying unnecessary support or expenses.


I can sleep at night, knowing that whatever the world throws at us, Teleperformance can deal with it.

Digital solutions for claims management: Using the power of AI to Improve processes, productivity, and business results

Today’s digital claims management solutions take advantage of the power of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, along with human understanding and empathy, to ensure effective processing from FNOL to subrogation, increase customer satisfaction, and boost employee productivity and retention. In this e-Book, we look at how digital claims management improves several critical use cases. 

Insurance and asset management company

Learn how we helped this global insurance and asset management company, that serves over 100 million customers across 70 countries, to elevate its claims management including a 9+ improvement in C-SAT and millions recovered each month through streamlined subrogation activities.

Insurance and asset management company

Our client, a global insurance and asset management company that serves over 90 million customers across nearly 50 countries, asked us to improve their claims management processes. See how we helped them to achieve some great results, including service levels of 95%+,  a +10 point progression in motor claims and a 20 point decease in attrition.

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