Keep pace with changing trends

Tap into advanced analytics to increase customer satisfaction

Employ advanced analytics from Teleperformance’s Business Insights Lab to target your audience more effectively. Have the power to recommend the best products, services, and solutions for every customer backed by data.

Maximizing data

Making the data work for you

Gain value from your data. Our data scientists consolidate separate data streams into a data lake, clean it to eliminate biases, and prepare it for analysis. We run various analytical models to draw inferences from your data and identify key trends and patterns, so you know what actions to take.

Know your audiences

Understand your customers using data insights

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Predict what they need and when.

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Intervene and take action before losing potential clients.

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Increase client satisfaction with services tailored to their needs.

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Mitigate risk and prevent fraud.

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Gauge customer reactions to new products, features, and services.


Gain a business advantage with customized support options and operations.

Anticipate customer behavior and needs with an analytics platform that makes recommendations based on historical buying patterns and behavior data.

Simplify data interpretation with advanced, interactive visualization capabilities.

Gain valuable insights from interactions across all channels — then use those insights to maximize sales, boost customer retention and increase operational efficiency.

Analyze marketing results to identify and enhance sales opportunities.

Put our expertise to work for your business

Partnering with us lets you leverage the experience of 700+ research experts worldwide. Imagine what you can accomplish with specialists who are well-versed in  analytical and statistical models, process re-engineering, and intelligent solution frameworks who also apply Lean Six Sigma efficiencies.

TP Infinity

Redefinining customer experience

Push the boundaries of CX with TP Infinity, a one-of-a-kind team of more than 3,000 solutions consultants with the drive, expertise, and global resources to set your CX strategies apart from the competition by leveraging advanced analytics.

Advanced Analytics

Increase your knowledge

Put your data to work for you

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