Harnessing the potential of AI:

Customer service is a human thing, however it’s delivered

AI has the power to help you manage complexity and simplify the lives of your customers. It also allows our customer specialists to give their full attention to delivering a perfectly individualized service, that reinforces your brand promise, every time. Put simply, we get the best from people and technology. Because it’s still our people that make the difference, and we believe that customer service – with empathy at its core - is a human thing, however it’s delivered.

Crucially, AI has the potential to deliver on the dual objectives of CX leaders: to help elevate customer satisfaction and, at the same time, reduce support costs.

Simpler, faster, safer, and more personalized CX

Some of the benefits to your customers of augmenting the human touch with AI  

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Faster response times

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Efficiency in resolving issues

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Data security

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The greater use of technology, the more human we can be

The effective use of AI tools means that relevant information can be accessed faster, making more time for our customer service experts to focus on doing what they do best (and something AI on its own can’t do) – delivering the great brand experiences that your customers will love.

Every customer is unique. With emotions, passions and expectations. They expect efficient, personalized, and empathetic answers and decisions whenever there’s a problem with a product or service. 

Our services are delivered across three dimensions, designed to elevate customer service and increase customer engagement with your brand.

AI @ TP – proven results

F&S Best Practices Award - Agent Engagement

Teleperformance Wins 2024 Global Company of the Year for AI-Driven Agent Engagement Excellence

Teleperformance earns Frost & Sullivan's prestigious 2024 Global Company of the Year Award, recognizing its innovative integration of AI technologies that elevate agent engagement and set new benchmarks in the customer experience industry. With a unique blend of high-tech solutions and empathetic leadership, Teleperformance optimizes employee interactions across the customer journey, receiving high acclaim for its progressive workplace culture and commitment to digital transformation.

Meet StoryfAI

Communicate in any language with StoryfAI

Empower internal teams and expand engagement capacity with StoryfAl, powered by TP GenAl. This highly effective, Al-fueled solution automates translations between more than 100 languages to interpret support requests and accelerate resolution. Reduce handle times by as much as 30%.

Technology that empowers people

Better equip customer support teams by automating response recommendations

Assist employees, improve customer satisfaction, and accelerate issue resolution by auto-generating response recommendations and support resources.

With automated agent assistance tools, companies can ensure consistent, more effective customer interactions.

Ready to transform your business with AI?

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