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Technology for the telecom market is advancing at warp speeds. Trends like 5G, edge computing, and hyperscaling are intensifying the fight for customers. Let Teleperformance help you attract new customers and maintain current customers by delivering exceptional service to boost the lifetime value of every relationship. 

Boost sales with people and programs that attract new customers and upsell/cross-sell to existing ones.

Keep customers coming back with advanced analytics and integrated front- and back-office functions like billing and tech support for consistent, high-quality service.

Provide support anywhere, anytime with a customized omnichannel strategy plus the technology and global workforce needed to deliver it.

Accelerate time-to-market for new telecom customer services and easily scale existing services up or down as business needs change.

Trusted partners

Samsung: An effective formula for continuous CX success

Expertise and innovation – plus mutual trust and respect – build successful long-term relationships. See how Teleperformance and Samsung in the Netherlands are working together to supercharge the telecom giant’s business and keep them ahead of competitors. 

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