Global presence

Efficient, effective consular services for citizens and visitors

We live in an increasingly digital world. People expect fast, personalized service every time.  TLScontact, a Teleperformance company, supports citizens and visitors worldwide with efficient consular processes and services. They handle millions of visa applications each year from 150 locations worldwide.  


End-to-end applicant support plus a broad range of citizen services

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Information processing

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Online registration and appointment management

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Face-to-face appointments

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In-person and online interview facilitation

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Biometric data capture

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Fee payment and reconciliation

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Secure data capture, verification and transfer

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Secure document collection, transfer and return


Transparency and control

Access real-time data and updates

Provide a consistent journey for travelers and citizens across multiple channels. We monitor operations at every stage. You get real-time data for full transparency and control. 

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