Boosting employee happiness

Teleperformance is Great Place to Work®-Certified in 72 countries. Great Place to Work® is a third-party organization that has captured valuable feedback from over 201,000 of our employees around the world, using a unique research-driven Trust Index© survey. The certification process is only achieved if results are 65% or higher while combining details about the programs and practices that make TP's workplace unique.

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Happy employees influence customers and clients

Our success depends on this, so we constantly innovate management, data, and technologies to better serve employees and customers. Our values are part of our genetic:

We hire smart, we train well

At Teleperformance, we help employees become experts in clients’ brands and business, by replicating best practices and nurturing customer relationship and experience management.

JUMP! Teleperformance Career Plan

JUMP! is a development program created to identify and prepare high-potential employees to take on leadership positions in the company

The objective is to prepare employees to become leaders: from agents to supervisors, from supervisors to coordinators and, finally, from coordinators to managers. The JUMP! program is based on a training program that offers technical and behavioral training, as well as personal development plans.
Preferred Employer
Preferred Employer

Teleperformance University

Teleperformance University is a customized college course that transmits culture while gathering and sharing our worldwide best practices and innovative projects in customer relationship and experience management. 

Our high-potential executives and leading managers have access to TP University, a personalized college course created to develop our future leaders, while ensuring that all of our teams share the same values and perfectly understand our culture.
TP University trains our business executives in key subjects related to managing and understanding our core business and prepares them to implement major changes in our business, totally aligned with our strategic objectives.

Well-being at work

Teleperformance is a people company. Fulfilling our mission requires intense focus, so it’s important to promote fun activities that stimulate employees to stay healthy not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Sport Club

We get our game on by playing soccer, multiplayer mobile games, basketball, kart cup, pool, bowling, and other sports. Fun activities help promote engagement among teams, and improve the work environment.

Workspaces that inspire employees

Clean, modern workplaces offer break areas designed to stimulate employees to relax and recharge, so that they are always ready to interact with clients with kindness and empathy.

A unique work environment recognized by employees and independent entities

Clear communication and open discussion create a workplace connection that inspires us to be better. 72 of the countries that that hold our largest operations are certified by Great Place to Work® and Best Place to Work®, and over 99% of our 410k+ employees work at a best employer subsidiary.

We’re committed to upholding human rights and providing the best working conditions everywhere