Ad sales

Don’t leave ad revenue on the table

Global ad spending is poised to grow from an estimated $800 billion in 2022 to more than $1 trillion by 2026. Digital Ad revenue accounts for nearly 70% of the overall ad spend and is expected to continue to increasing at a rate of 10% or more, while traditional ad media (like print) would remain flat or shrink. The buying audience is expanding to reach new geographies and target local advertisers, generating fresh revenue streams.

Real ad sales impact

Add incremental revenue with the Teleperformance Ad Sales Factory

Apply a winning formula

Maximize sales results by combining the most qualified people with proven processes and advanced, proprietary tools.

Advanced, proprietary tools

Target the right advertisers

Prioritize the right prospects with intelligent profiling, predictive modeling, and propensity-to-buy data. Optimize your investment through targeted strategies designed to deliver the best return.

Ad sales

Generate new opportunities that accelerate response times and conversions.

Optimize your current sales channels and implement new ones to transform each interaction into a sales opportunity.

Audit your database or create a new one to improve outbound sales performance.

Identify and select the most relevant contacts by using a variety of data sources.

Identify new prospects through a variety of proven, data-driven techniques.

Better qualify prospects based on a scoring model customized to your unique needs.

Deliver best-in-class client onboarding that will increase customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

Intelligent, end-to-end account management that will optimize each customer’s lifetime value.
Ad sales

Elevate B2B sales

Visualize better client engagement

Create stronger advertiser connections while eliminating travel costs. With TP Live, customers receive the personalized support they want without the expense of in-person meetings. Maximize both resources and ROI by connecting with them face-to-face from anyplace.

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