Registration of securities in the holder’s name

The Group is committed to maintaining a sustainable and trust-based relationship with all of its shareholders, whether individuals or legal entities, French, or foreigners.

Teleperformance offers its shareholders the benefit of direct registration of their securities in their names, which confers the following advantages:

No management fees
Registered shareholders are fully exempted from custody fees as well as from the expenses inherent to the day-to-day management of their securities, such as conversion into bearer securities, the transfer of securities, changes of legal status (transfers, donations, inheritance, etc.), securities transactions (capital increase, share allotments, etc.) and the payment of dividends.

Guaranteed personalized information
Registered shareholders receive personalized information regarding:

  • notices to attend shareholders' meeting, with systematic dispatch of the meeting notice, single postal voting form and proxy voting form, admission card request form and the statutory information documents,
  • the management of securities, taxation and the organization of the shareholders' meeting.

Furthermore, an online service is available to consult their share account and place market orders:

Easier access to the shareholders’ meeting
Like all of the Company’s shareholders, registered shareholders are automatically called to attend the shareholders’ meeting and benefit from the advantage of not being required to make a prior application for an attendance certificate in order to vote.

In addition to the usual voting procedures, registered shareholders may vote before meetings or appoint a proxy via Votaccess, an online voting platform.

Registration procedure
In order to convert your securities into direct registered securitities or to receive more information regarding securities registration, please contact:


Grands Moulins de Pantin
9, rue du Débarcadère
93761 Pantin Cedex France
Telephone : +33 1 57 43 02 30


Bearer shares

Bearer shares are recorded in an investment account of a financial intermediary (i.e. a bank, stock broker, online broker, etc.). The advantage of holding shares in this way is that all equity investments in a portfolio can be held together in the same account, for example in a “PEA” (Private Equity Plan) account. Teleperformance SE cannot identify bearer shareholders.

To participate in the shareholders’ meeting, bearer shareholders must obtain a certificate from the financial intermediary holding their Teleperformance investments that confirms that the intermediary has registered their shares in its books, by no later than midnight (Paris time) on the second working day prior to the relevant shareholders’ meeting.


How to participate in the General Meeting