Inclusive employment

An expanded view of diversity and inclusion

We take a modern approach to diversity and inclusion by recruiting unemployed or underemployed workers through Impact Sourcing initiatives. Those with disabilities, first-time workers, or at-risk groups like refugees offer a rich, untapped talent pool.

Impact sourcing

Life-changing opportunities

We help reduce poverty around the world by providing meaningful employment opportunities for impact workers - people with otherwise limited job prospects, like immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities, people living below the poverty line. Currently, impact workers are 20%+ of our workforce.

Embracing a brighter future

Hear from these amazing employees who’ve been given a new lease on life.

An equal opportunity employer for all, including persons with disabilities

When we say inclusion, it means no one is left behind. In 2022 alone, 7,200 people with physical or mental disabilities joined Teleperformance’s workforce.

Some of our impact sourcing results in 2022

Together in Making a Huge Impact


Impact Sourcing

Teleperformance is a staunch advocate of inclusive employment. Our Impact Sourcing program offers opportunities for people with otherwise limited job prospects, like immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities, and people living below the poverty line. Download our brochure to learn more about this program that offers equal opportunities for all.


A socially responsible employer

Impact sourcing initiatives offer hope and inspiration for those in need of employment. Listen to the podcast to hear more from Clementine Gauthier, Global CSR lead at Teleperformance.
Together in Making a Huge Impact

Transforming people and communities through meaningful employment

In 2022, Teleperformance was named a top 100 Global Outsourcing Service Provider and Impact Sourcing Champion by IAOP® (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals®).

Welcoming workplaces

An employment gateway

We offer opportunities for enthusiastic, first-time workers eager to enter the workforce. In 2022 alone, more than 125k young people began their professional careers with Teleperformance and now have access to advancement resources like the JUMP! program, Teleperformance Academy, and Teleperformance University.

A chance to enter the workforce and grow

Get inspired by the enthusiasm shared by some of the employees who started their career at Teleperformance

Teleperformance teams in action