Onwards to the metaverse

Step into the Teleperformance Building

The future is here. Say hello to the latest Teleperformance HQ in the metaverse platform Decentraland!

A virtual space for all

The Teleperformance Building is our latest home in Decentraland. It is ready to host interactive events and other fun activities that are sure to make the metaverse experience exciting for our employees, clients, key prospects, and potential candidates.

How to get there

Here’s how to visit us in the metaverse

If you’ve never entered the metaverse before, now’s the perfect time to jump in! Decentraland is a virtual reality platform that lets you explore a new world. To visit the Teleperformance Building in Decentraland, you must follow the next steps:

Create a Metamask wallet

Step Two

Create your avatar in Decentraland by accessing the platform and signing in with your Metamask wallet

Step Three

Decentraland is based on coordinates; the TP Headquarters is -95,110. You can locate the building thru these coordinates.

TP Headquarters areas

Teleperformance’s NFT wearables collection

Keep an eye out for Teleperformance’s wearables collection! Users and visitors of the Teleperformance Building in Decentraland can be part of an exciting metaverse experience through earn-to-play events, treasure hunts, and many more.

Upcoming events

Come join the fun!

Still feeling lost?

No, you don´t need to pay anything to enjoy the experience at the Teleperformance Headquarters.

No, there is no charge of any kind within the Headquarters.

There are no gas fees related to the collection or any wearable you can get in the Headquarters.

You have to follow the instructions that are in the area; some instructions will come from the STAFF (NPC) that is around the area.

You will be able to receive your wearables within 24 hours as max.

You can check them in your settings within Decentraland, the only way to receive these, is if you are logged to your Metamask, also the NFTs will be able to see in any secondary market place.

No, This NFT are for use only in Decentraland.

With the time the NFT will provide you utility within the Headquarters.

No, The metaverse of Decentraland only runs in Laptop or desktop computers, for a better experience use chrome browser.

A realm is a server in which the experiences take place in the Metaverse, in your settings on the top left corner where the map is, you can change your realm.