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Engaging Colombian GenZers and Millenials with the first Spark Ads campaign in the LATAM region


100% video views




Follower increase

The Objective

With a business history of 40+ years, Colombian bank Davivienda needed to cater its longstanding "Tu dinero puede estar en el lugar equivocado" ("Your money might be in the wrong place") concept to younger audiences. And they found an effective way to do it in TikTok.

The "Lugar equivocado" ("Wrong place") campaign, and its hero ad "Papá Héroe," portrayed daily life situations that went from shameful to funny with a narrative twist. The humorous and entertaining approach was the perfect fit for TikTok's native tone and style.

And so the fun began!

The Solution

Davivienda's first campaign on TikTok took advantage of the platform's popular re-enactment trend and engaged GenZers and Millenials with content creators mimicking its hit TV ad "Papá Héroe" in which parents react to a kid's unusual and funny speech at a school auditorium. Davivienda looked at all of Colombia's top humor content creators to find the right age and tone fit for the campaign goals. When the search was over, seven creators, with an average follower base of 6.4 million, were invited to join in on the fun.

Creators were briefed and once their ideas came to life, their content was served through Spark Ads, a format that allows an advertiser to boost organic content, thus maximizing awareness and engagement, all with an organic voice that's relevant to the targeted audience.

But the ad campaign only lit the spark. The real action started when TikTok users began creating their own version of the TV ad, the creativity of the content resonated with the community, boosting engagement indicators and skyrocketing Davivienda's follower count.

The Results

The campaign content was a hit and a proof of the immersive experience that TikTok videos provide: 100% video views reached more than 2.3 million, while engagements surpassed the 1 million mark, including 30,000 organic shares, taking the campaign beyond its initial reach.

On top of these remarkable awareness and engagement figures, when the campaign ended, Davivienda's profile had 37 times more followers than when it started, reaching 84,000 followers and setting a new stage for the company's communications on the platfor to further engage and connect with their audiences.

Lastly, the success of the creator-driven campaign laid the foundation for new plans to own relevant dates and events in Colombia's daily calendar through carefully selected content creators in order to maintain and grow Davivienda's relevance in the category.

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