Hawaiian Airlines

A Teleperformance client since 2013, Hawaiian Airlines has seen the impact of analytics first-hand, even before the crisis hit in early 2020. By applying analytics to different business areas, the airline has gained real-time visibility into customer needs, perceptions, and pain points, enabling them to deliver positive experiences and increase loyalty. Additionally, critical insights gathered through analytics also allowed them to monitor and improve agent performance, resulting in a reimagining of its inbound channels and a significant increase in its offer and conversion rates.

  • Interaction analytics helped drive substantial passenger satisfaction improvements by identifying the most common reasons for support calls (e.g., airline fees, seat arrangements, platinum upgrades, etc.).
  • Speech analytics improved credit card sales by significantly increasing the offer rate and identifying the right passenger profile
  • Speech analytics helped identify the most common support requests, helping Hawaiian Airlines to provide most relevant, dynamic content on their website.

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