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In Portugal since 1994, Teleperformance is a market leader and has implemented digital transformation through technology, analytics and process excellence, ensuring integrated customer experience management solutions in a global market.

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Teleperformance is the fastest growing company in Portugal

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In a digital world full of challenges, where customers are not machines but emotional beings, how can your company achieve success in customer management? It's simple: by working the right partner.

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Teleperformance in Portugal is also the pioneer subsidiary in the creation, development and implementation of the new TP Cloud Campus business model.

10 state-of-the-art sites

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Teleperformance is present in 4 cities in Portugal, with a total of 10 state-of-the-art sites. Through our Coast to Coast program, we give our employees the opportunity to work from anywhere in Portugal.

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Our team of interaction experts connects the world's largest and most respected brands with their consumers, always making sure that every interaction matters.

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Credit Intermediation Solutions

Teleperformance in Portugal is registered at the Portuguese Central Bank as a provider of credit intermediation solutions.