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Established in 1989, Teleperformance in Greece was the very first company to introduce contact center outsourcing in the local market and has been the indisputable local Leader of it till this day.
In 2004 it started becoming a major multilingual customer experience & contact center Hub for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Today we serve over 140 markets in 42 languages & dialects and employs more than 12,000+ people from 109 nationalities.
Teleperformance in Greece offers the most comprehensive solution set and innovative shoring options to ensure the resilience, agility, and flexibility necessary for sustaining market relevance and driving long-term success.​






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Teleperformance in Greece operates today out of six Multilingual Hubs in Athens, in Thessaloniki and two more in Chania, with a combined capacity of more than 12.000+ interaction Experts’ workstations.

We support major multinational Clients in the Automotive, Business Services, Consumer Electronics, Energy, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Gaming, Financial, Healthcare, Insurance, Media & Entertainment, Retail and e-Retail, Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation and Travel arena; and we are proud to say that we have become one of the most attractive partners to support Customer Experience Services (Customer Care, Technical Support, Tele-Sales, Tele-Collections), Back-Office Services (Content Moderation, Industry-specific services, Human Resources Management, Visa application Management & Consulate Services) and Knowledge Services (Consulting, Advanced analytics, Intelligent automation) in the European continent.

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We help your company to improve your customer relationship and generate more business. Make meaningful connections in today’s digital and virtual marketplace by delivering the right customer experience at the right time through:

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An Insightful Discussion About The Role of Leadership in Achieving a Gender Inclusive Work Culture.

CEO of Teleperformance Greece, Charlotte Foucteau, welcomed Dekyi Boorsma, Director of Customer Service EMEA of Netflix, in Athens for a thoughtful discussion on the topic: "Unlocking the Potential of Women: the Role of Leadership in Achieving a Gender-Inclusive Future".

Watch in full the inspiring webinar discussion below and find out more about the issues raised by the two leaders on gender inclusivity in the workplace, gender biases, as well as their personal experiences throughout their career paths.

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