2020 in Review: Challenging the Impossible

2020 in Review: Challenging the Impossible

Teleperformance - 03.18.2021

2020 was a year marked with disruption and challenges, prompting changes that affected the way we all live. As Teleperformance navigated a work environment affected by a global pandemic, we highly prioritized our employees’ safety and well-being. Our industry expertise, best practices, and capabilities allowed us to demonstrate business resiliency to continue servicing our clients who needed to elevate the customer experience more than ever. Looking back at the year that was, we are grateful to our global teams, partners, and clients for their trust during times of uncertainty and challenges—trust in what we can do, what we can offer, and what we are capable of.

As 2021 unfolds at a rapid pace, it is the time for a restart: a time for reinvention, transformation, and reassessment.

We are pleased to share Teleperformance’s Integrated Report 2020, which covers Teleperformance’s value creation model, strategies, governance, corporate social responsibility commitments, and so much more.

The Integrated Report highlights Teleperformance’s significant accomplishments in 2020—the Teleperformance Group’s fulfilling its three priorities to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, which are employee protection, business continuity, and financial strength; As a brief overview, Teleperformance was able to implement a work-at-home business model that saw 250,000 employees working from home to further drive our business continuity efforts during the pandemic. Our continuous quest to develop our solutions and capabilities through organic growth is solidified through the acquisition of Health Advocate, an online health expenditure management and advisory platform in the United States.

Teleperformance further advanced its Corporate Social Responsibility roadmap, with strong commitments in three key areas: continuing to be an employer of choice and foster employee engagement and wellbeing by developing a Great Place to Work® environment in all our operations; striving for diversity and inclusion and achieving gender equality at all levels; and stepping up our climate objectives by committing to the Science Based Targets initiative.

As the world stood still because of the global pandemic, we at Teleperformance became even stronger together in facing challenges brought by COVID-19. Our Citizen of the World (COTW) charity initiative was able to make a positive impact and offer help to those in need, raising 5.1 million Euros in donations and contributing 80,000 volunteer hours from our employees.

Teleperformance’s success over the years has been fortified by our commitment to help people find solutions to their daily problems. “Our success can be attributed to three main factors,” Daniel Julien, Teleperformance Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, shares. “Our unwavering perseverance, our team spirit, and our capacity for real-time and continuous transformation.” Together, we can achieve so much more, and continue moving forward. “We will never stop challenging the impossiblein our pursuit of excellence,” Julien stated.

2021 brings a renewed sense of hope, we are inspired to go above and beyond in order to continue being a preferred employer, a trusted partner, and a force of good. Join Teleperformance as we look back at the year that was. Click here to read the Teleperformance Integrated Report 2020.

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