A Great Place to Work: Better for People, the Business, and the Community.

Yannis Tourcomanis - 05.05.2020

I experienced a very humbling moment last week, reminding me of why I decided to join Teleperformance many decades ago. I had created my own Telemarketing (as it was called at that time) agency in Greece back in the late 1980s. We were very successful from the beginning and grew fast. I had always believed that a key ingredient to this success was the people.  A few years later, I met with the Teleperformance founder, Chairman and CEO, Daniel Julien. We immediately realized that we shared the same passion and vision.  I did not think twice before making my choice to join TP because I believed, among other things, in our company’s spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, the leadership team’s passion, and our people-centric focus. We shared the same values.

Keeping our people satisfied is driven by two foundational beliefs we closely adhere to: Moral and Economical.

We employ hundreds of thousands of people around the world of all ages. For several thousands of our younger employees, Teleperformance can be considered a nesting place to start their professional journeys. We teach them work ethics and corporate culture, and develop their skills and knowledge. For others, we offer alternative forms of employment at various stages of their professional lives. To both groups, we owe a moral obligation to help hone their skills and provide an opportunity to grow and develop in a fair and balanced work environment.

We also work with major brands around the world. Our clients’ primary objective is to deliver exceptional customer experiences and journeys that drive loyalty, repeat purchases, and positive word-of-mouth.  To succeed, we need to ensure their end customers,  are thrilled with their interactions.  We are a “people company”. Our core offer is “people helping and informing people“. But, how can we satisfy customers without first ensuring that our own people are satisfied? How much stronger is an interaction from a happy employee? How memorable is that interaction with a satisfied employee?

When we conduct Employee Satisfaction Surveys every year, we measure the correlation of the scores with the respective Client Satisfaction surveys. The dependency is very high.

The model is simple: Happy People = Happy Customers = Happy Clients.

Happy customers are loyal customers and, likewise, happy clients are loyal clients. They grow their business with us, helping us to expand, recruit, and develop more people,  positively impacting even more lives and communities, all in a virtuous cycle.

Last week, I was thrilled that several of our Teleperformance locations in Albania, Kosovo, Madagascar, Morocco, Tunisia, India, Philippines, Germany, and more recently in  Greece,  were recognized as a Great Place to Work® or a Best Places to Work  -- all despite the unprecedented, worldwide pandemic and associated business challenges, because sometimes “.. a fall does not kill you but teaches you to fly..” and fly very high we did. Well done team!

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In fact, Teleperformance is currently recognized by the Great Place to Work® or Best Places to Work organizations in 20+ countries, encompassing over 70% of our global workforce!

These independent, third-party assessments reflect our operational dedication despite the business challenges, and the remarkable tenacity of our Teleperformance workforce around the world. United as one worldwide team, these ongoing efforts to safeguard employees while ensuring operational excellence for our clients and their customers.

The dedication of our front-line employees and their commitment to build a safer and truly people-centric environment that promotes growth, and celebrates diversity, is an inspiration to us all, and touches me deeply.

Many companies aspire to lead and change the world. But very few have all the elements required: experience, talent, resources, resilience, innovation, perseverance, and a sense of community. With this successful formula, Teleperformance is ready to forge ahead as one big and diverse family.

I am truly privileged to lead such a team of 51,000 outstanding individuals in CEMEA.

To learn more about this prestigious award, and to see a complete list of global recognitions, click here.

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