Achieving Scalability, Flexibility, and Cost-Efficiency with TP’s Rebadging Solutions

Achieving Scalability, Flexibility, and Cost-Efficiency with TP’s Rebadging Solutions

Teleperformance - 05.27.2024

According to our white paper “Transitioning Your Workforce: Rebadging Done Right,” companies that implement rebadging through a third-party service provider can expect a myriad of benefits, including reduced risk of performance degradation during the transition process to an outsourced provider, retained expertise and continuity of “tribal knowledge,” continuous alignment with the company, the option to retain jobs for the company’s workforce, and ease of transition due to the retention of existing technology and application interfaces. Rebadging can also be a solution for enterprises that need flexibility in operations. Finding the right rebadging partner who can help in shaping a transition or a transition strategy that integrates both performance and governance is crucial.

Teleperformance has performed various models of rebadging: shared services buyouts, joint ventures, captive support, and third-party outsourcing models. Over the last 12 years, we have rebadged more than 100,000 people. We know how to maximize and leverage the benefits of generative AI and analytics to drive transformation capabilities. Based on assessments, we could assume the assets and employees from an entire location or rebadge specific processes or employees and transition them to a Teleperformance-managed setting – whether it’s in a physical office or in a remote work setting.

Case Study:

As one of the world’s largest online travel agencies (OTA), faced many challenges in a highly competitive OTAs sector. First, it was experiencing high shrinkage that was impacted by the concentration of regulatory and constrained locations and low monitoring. Second, had a very intensive setup in high-cost and restricted labor markets. Third, its multilingual capabilities were hindered by the lack of consistency and geocentric focus due to the general principle of only hiring where available. Lastly, it was requiring high administrative effort to entertain in-house centers.

Because of these various operational and workforce challenges, needed to assess its site and service strategy and elevate their multilingual capabilities to cater to its vast, global customer base. Through implementing the rebadging solutions of Teleperformance, achieved scalability, effectiveness, and cost-efficiency while maintaining its brand identity throughout the transition.

Strategy and Solutions

  • Implemented right-shore languages and leveraged best available geographies with scalability and best prices
  • Focused on exiting from high-cost and/or restricted labor markets
  • Established clear site consolidation and built language-focused hubs​
  • Realigned support roles and set up larger scale operations per language
  • Optimized clear channel management and leveraged technology to enable automation
  • Drove operational excellence via process optimization and improved utilization
  • Maintained positive brand image and minimized negative PR impact
  • Enabled high-speed transformation, but with balanced cost of change

During the transition, 95% of employees transitioned to a new​ IT setup within three days.​ 12 out of 14 in-house sites from were acquired by Majorel across the globe​, and the right-shoring of over 2,200 FTEs to more cost-effective locations took place.

During the building phase, recruitment restarted in preparation for the peak season. Promotions were made aligned with growth requirements, new procedures were rolled out and executed, and a holistic understanding of performance metrics and requirements was implemented.

The Results

  • No negative PR impact​ before, during, or​ after transition​
  • Achieved significant cost savings over five years
  • Landed first new client at newly acquired sites, allowing rebadged team members to grow and develop their careers
  • Site closures went according to timelines within budget, with good cooperation with workers councils 
  • CSAT performance was maintained in all sites
  • Increased trust and performance

A Focus on People

As a people-company, we highly prioritize the well-being and career development of employees. During the transition, transparent communication to all transitioned staff was provided. We focused on outlining change and its effects while reestablishing commitments from both and Majorel to employees.

Furthermore, there was also a strong focus to support rebadged personnel by offering coaching, educational training, and job fairs in regions.

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