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Sidharth Mukherjee - 05.24.2023

As a global digital business services company, Teleperformance delivers the most advanced, digitally powered business services to help the world’s best brands streamline their business in meaningful and sustainable ways.


At Teleperformance, AI has become an important factor in helping us innovate, therefore helping our clients achieve better results and improvement. Here are a few key results, taken from a few pilots that utilized generative AI in the automotive and retail industry:


  • Faster service response times
  • Increased customer satisfaction scores
  • 40% faster in resolving issues
  • 90% reduction in errors


We provide a comprehensive, AI-powered service portfolio from front-office customer care to back-office functions, helping companies adapt to change and master the future. We offer AI-powered solutions such as machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Optical Character Recognition, Process Mining, and Robotic Process Automation.


Our high-tech, high-touch approach strikes the right balance between the latest technologies and human empathy to make people’s lives simpler, faster, and safer. We harness our current AI-powered service portfolio through digital solutions such analytics tools and biometrics.


Some industry-specific solutions include:

  • AI-powered fraud detection solutions to help financial institutions prevent fraud
  • AI to automate clerical tasks in healthcare, including documenting medical findings, writing prescriptions, processing insurance claims, patient billing, and data reporting
  • Predictive analytics for forecasting probability to buy and propensity to pay for collections
  • Cognitive mid-office solution for travel companies that automates offline sales, schedule changes, refunds, across fulfilment, and financial functions


Contact Teleperformance to learn more about our AI operations!

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