Cloud Campus: Ongoing Commitment to Business Agility

Teleperformance - 05.13.2022

When Teleperformance launched its first Cloud Campus hub that leveraged work-at-home solutions in 2019, no one would’ve anticipated the gravity of the event that followed soon after. A major disruption in the form a global pandemic forced the world to come to a standstill, changing and affecting millions of lives. It, of course, prompted a massive shift in the way people worked and the way businesses operated.

Redefined Business Agility

The need for business agility was clearly at its peak during the global pandemic. Work-at-home models evolved to offer flexibility and safety to employees. Fast forward to almost three years later, we’re witnessing a wave of businesses slowly moving forward, alongside the growing adoption of a hybrid and a fully remote workforce. What’s more, remote opportunities are projected to increase by 2023. Therefore, engaging an alternative working model that seamlessly combines the services of highly qualified talent, a flexible organizational structure, and world-class security standards is pivotal in keeping the momentum going for businesses in the post-pandemic economy.

Cloud Campus Today

Teleperformance started the development of Cloud Campus with a vision of a virtual production platform (“in the cloud”) and an engaging environment, where remote teams can meet, share, and connect. And this vision has become our new reality. Since our first Lisbon hub opened in 2019, we now enhanced all the locations where we operate with the needed capabilities and knowledge to provide Cloud Campus solutions to our clients. By doing so, we are able to offer unmatched staffing flexibility, plus the ability to access talent anywhere.

The launch of TP Jeepney in the Philippines and TP Shuttle in India further widened Cloud Campus’s capability to reach out to potential employees wherever they are, wherever they live. To date, more than 70% of Teleperformance employees are working from home.

Navigate the New Era of Today’s Work Environment

Amidst uncertainties, the impact of going back to a traditional office approach remains unclear. Different feelings and opinions continue to emerge, and employees are still resistant to return to the office. Because of this, several elements must be considered before deciding on the best strategy that fits your organizational interests. Cloud Campus is a solution that can help organizations navigate the new era of today’s highly flexible working model, offering higher hiring rateslower attrition levelslower absenteeism, and higher engagement.

As remote work cements its place in today’s working environment, ensuring long-term operational resilience has become crucial for businesses to survive. Cloud Campus provides a revolutionary approach for hiring, managing, optimizing, and securing remote teams, while also delivering operational efficiencies. This innovative, next-generation work-at-home model was designed from the ground up to provide the tools, teams, and agility needed to easily adapt to changing business needs. At present, Cloud Campus continues to provide high-quality support to ensure business continuity, improved agent performance, the ability to interact at any time with our remote teams, enhanced data security, and unparalleled global flexibility.

To learn more about Cloud Campus, please read our infographic “Business Agility Achieved: Teleperformance Cloud Campus” by clicking here.

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