Revving Up to a Better World: TPCC Jeepney Paving Way for Bigger Opportunities

Revving Up to a Better World: TPCC Jeepney Paving Way for Bigger Opportunities

Teleperformance - 03.21.2022

Welcome to the Philippines—home to 7,640 islands, world-class beaches, and that trademark Filipino hospitality that always aims to put a smile or three on people’s faces. It’s a country where one can walk into a supermarket on a regular day, then suddenly hear the words “happy to serve!” shouted at random moments by friendly supermarket cashiers and workers.

The country’s commitment to service powered by extraordinary talent and skill can never be denied. The business process management industry in the country, according to the Manila Standard, forecasts a revenue growth as a global demand for outsourcing services increases. In another article by the Philippine Star, it was also stated that the business process outsourcing sector is expected to generate more than $29 billion by the end of 2022.

A Pioneer: Teleperformance in the Philippines

Teleperformance began its operations in the Philippines in 1996, and immediately soared to become the country’s preferred offshore business solutions provider. As a pioneer in the industry, Teleperformance in the Philippines became instrumental in putting the country on the map, showing the whole world that Filipinos have—and will always have—the highest quality of talent and skill.

26 years later, Teleperformance continues to uphold the same values and the same standards that have propelled our operations in the Philippines forward. Always adapting and innovating, we constantly seek ways to make each interaction simpler, faster, and safer not only for our clients and their customers, but most importantly—for our employees. As an Employer of Choice, we understand that we have a responsibility in tapping and hiring local talent, in continuously giving them room for them to be able to grow and reach success, and in keeping them motivated, safe, and happy.

Teleperformance Cloud Campus Jeepney

Working from home has become the new norm in a post-pandemic environment. Recognizing that the work-at-home model is here to stay, Teleperformance strengthened our work-at-home capabilities further and ensured that our employees all over the world remain safe and secure. Teleperformance Cloud Campus (TPCC) continues to provide a centralized, secure, and world-class platform that keeps remote teams connected anytime, anywhere. And in the Philippines, the first global workshop for the TPCC has officially landed: the TPCC Jeepney!

The TPCC Jeepney strives to immerse Teleperformance into diverse communities by providing tangible remote opportunities in the Philippines. It’s also key to creating a better world while providing job opportunities and connecting communities. The TPCC Jeepney also creates better balance across geographies, having the ability to look for talent wherever it lives, wherever it travels.

Remote work is a real contributor in leveraging opportunities in locations where job openings are scarce. Through the TPCC Jeepney, Teleperformance is a step closer towards being recognized as the remote work enabler of choice, always committed to creating a more connected world.

TPCC Jeepney also aspires to become a platform that can promote a new work-at-home environment for Teleperformance employees in the Philippines, as well as strengthen our existing work-at-home capabilities that drive our reputation as a reliable and trusted partner. As we continuously share our clients’ values of creating safer spaces and better work-at-home experiences for our employees, the TPCC Jeepney can also help pave the way for a more sustainable world while accelerating digital transformation in the country, further extending Teleperformance’s reach in bringing greater careers to Filipinos while providing interactions that matter all over the world. Our aim is to be closer to minority groups, as well as provide better and equal opportunities to all including women, members of the LGBTQI+ community, impact workers, and people with disabilities, thus fortifying our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Post TP Jeepney 2 April 2022

In addition, through the TPCC Jeepney, shifting to a new work-from-anywhere experience while also ensuring business continuity for clients is now possible. “Work from wherever you live, live wherever you love” was the mantra that powered the launch of the TPCC Jeepney, held last February 28 at the BGC Sunlife Ampitheater. Hosted by Markki Stroem, the TPCC launch was kicked off by Attorney Silvestro Bello III, Secretary of Labor and Employment in the Philippines. The TPCC Jeepney reveal then commenced after a few words by Teleperformance in the Philippines’ Vice President for CTSS Learning, Quality, and Development Analytics Pierre Berube and Teleperformance in the Philippines’ Vice President for Facilities and Administration Ed Punzalan Jr.

We are excited to welcome you to the TPCC Jeepney! Learn more about the TPCC Jeepney by clicking here.

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