Consumer Perception of Gen AI in the CXM Industry

Consumer Perception of Gen AI in the CXM Industry

Teleperformance - 06.04.2024

The report Are Consumers Ready for Generative AI-augmented Interactions?” by Everest Group highlights that generative AI has reaped significant interest, especially in the customer experience management (CXM) industry. This comes as no surprise — gen AI’s capabilities present key advantages to customers, such as shorter resolution times, better self-service options, increased agent responsiveness and efficiency, and consistent service across channels.

Gen AI-supported channels can make an impact on customer support. When used to assist or empower human agents, AI can increase efficiency and deliver faster resolutions.

Everest Group Insights: Exploring Consumer Perception of Gen AI

The Everest Group report detailed a few insights on consumer readiness for gen AI solutions by industry:

  • In the consumer packed goods sector, 66% are indifferent/comfortable with a company using gen AI to predict future needs
  • 54% respondents from in the utilities sector would be interested in gen AI to receive customized plans
  • 77% of consumers are open to the idea of public sector entities using gen AI to identify patterns that can improve public services
  • In the BFSI industry, 60% of consumers are open to sharing their personal data with insurance companies to receive personalized and cost-effective insurance plans

The same report stated that willingness to share data is higher when the consumers are interacting with their favorite or trusted brands: over 60% of respondents are willing to share their personal data with their favorite/trusted brand in exchange for receiving faster resolutions and personalized customer support.

Establishing trust in the use of AI technologies is paramount for the acceptance and success of AI in the consumer market. To integrate gen AI into consumer markets, it is vital for enterprises to uphold the highest standards when it comes to data privacy, security, and ethical considerations. Since AI deployment stands on stringent regulatory frameworks, transparent communication and utmost compliance must be implemented by companies to consumers. More than 60% of consumers are ready to share information such as contact details, purchase history, or entertainment and travel data if the information is stored within the brand’s network (closed system).

The perceived lack of the human touch is also a pivotal point to consider, with consumers “feeling that automated responses lack empathy, particularly in emotionally charged situations.”

Secure, Empathetic, and Safe AI-powered Solutions by Teleperformance

Teleperformance leverages AI capabilities through machine learning, advanced analytics, and automation to predict customer behavior, automate routine tasks, and enable more personalized service offerings. Our AI-driven tools and platforms empower agents by providing them with data-driven insights and predictive analytics, thereby improving decision-making processes and significantly elevating the quality of customer interactions. Finally, we complement these technologies with the human touch, and draw on our more than 46 years’ experience of CXM, to create customer-centric interactions that empower and empathize with customers.


Teleperformance’s high-tech, high-touch approach strikes the right balance between the latest technologies and human empathy to make people’s lives simpler, faster, and safer.


This strategic incorporation of AI not only streamlines workflow and increases productivity but also positions Teleperformance at the forefront of innovation in the CX management industry. Overall, our clients have seen the following results:

  • 25% average reduction in average handling time
  • 20% reduction in email response times
  • 35% increase in sales conversions

At Teleperformance, we ensure the responsible, safe, and secure use of AI-powered solutions. With a comprehensive approach to AI governance and our focus on innovation, customer-centric interactions, and the human touch, Teleperformance continues to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency.

Empower your customers and elevate customer satisfaction by fully harnessing the power of
gen AI, combined with Teleperformance’s more than 46 years’ experience of delivering world-class CXM.  Let’s talk!

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