Elevating Telehealth: A Look into Concierge Telemedicine

Teleperformance - 06.24.2022

The last two years saw the inevitable rise of telehealth. In a McKinsey article, it was mentioned that telehealth utilization has grown to levels 38 times higher than in a pre-COVID-19 environment. Given this statistic, it’s clear how virtual care’s benefits are experienced and felt by people. From here, it’s only bound to get bigger—especially when smartphone apps, chatbots, AI health assistants, healthcare outsourcing channels, and data channels are used to elevate the patient-doctor experience.

The evolution of healthcare outsourcing is, indeed, happening at a rapid pace. As emerging technologies continue to steer the industry towards a digitally inclined future, the opportunities to redefine the patient experience are abundant, with telehealth leading the charge in empowering an industry that relies on precision, exceptional service, and most importantly: care. To continuously put the “care” in healthcare through telehealth services, many healthcare providers are tapping into the benefits of concierge telemedicine—one of which, according to an article in Healthcare IT Today by our very own Linda Comp-Noto, is its ability to help health systems address a few challenges presented by telehealth.

What is Concierge Telemedicine?

Concierge telemedicine, as aptly described by Forbes, is a modern-day equivalent to a house call. Think of it as an elevated form of telemedicine that can address patient’s unique needs, resulting in a more personalized experience. Through concierge services, healthcare providers are able to connect with their patients in a more convenient manner as a result of a wide variety of channels made available to both patient and doctors—be it through text, chatbots, or email. It can also function as a personal “virtual” room where patients can receive comprehensive care anytime, anywhere.

The Value of the Human Touch

As with all technologies, the value of the human touch can never be denied. Empathy, compassion, and ensuring the safety of every patient are highly mandatory, especially in an industry where care is the currency.

Telemedicine already has one foot in the door, with the other just waiting for more opportunities and more ways to increase patient satisfaction. The healthcare outsourcing industry will continue to move forward as prescribed by the changing times and changing technologies currently aiding patients into receiving assistance when, and how, they need it.

here to read “Putting the Human Touch on Telehealth: How Concierge Services can Help Health Systems Address Telehealth Challenges” by Linda Comp-Noto, Teleperformance’s Division President of Healthcare Enterprise Operations.


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