Enabling Better Engagement in a Digital World

Enabling Better Engagement in a Digital World

Teleperformance - 01.13.2023

Digital channels that offer seamless experiences have become integral in creating experiences that enable brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Customer interactions have seen a brief evolution, prompted by the rapid move to a more digital world. As more customers become experts of tools, applications, and devices, leveraging technology – and digital channels that offer seamless experiences – have become integral in creating memorable customer experiences that enable brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

The race towards everything-digital only intensifies. We’ve seen how channels continue to not only increase, but also evolve digitally: from traditional voice, email, and SMS to today’s channels including chat bots, instant messaging, or live video. The tremendous move to the digital world has impacted how customers engage with brands and how companies implement their strategies and processes – including sales, customer service, customer acquisition, or retention.

In a blog, we shared that 73% of consumers use multiple channels during the customer journey, and that 63% of customers expect personalization as a standard service. To address this, Teleperformance continues to navigate the shifting customer experience landscape by leveraging technology to deliver the right experiences to customers across different channels. Through our strengthened partnership with Twilio, we are able to create personalized experiences across channels and customer touchpoints, leveraging application program interfaces (APIs) that enable seamless connections, better engagement, and efficient support.

Enabling Brand Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction

In our LinkedIn Live, Michael Aronowitz, EVP of Digital Sales and Strategy at Teleperformance, is joined by Raul Rincon, SVP of Global Sales and GTM Flex at Twilio to explore how different channels can help companies deliver the next best customer experience in today’s digital world.

To deliver great CX that caters to today’s generation of customers, businesses must meet the customers where they are and deliver experiences at the speed of customer demand. How can brands enable brand loyalty and customer satisfaction? What then, could be the next point of customer engagement? “To me, the next point of engagement is live – live interactions, or live selling,” Aronowitz observed. To drive exceptional customer experiences and engagement in a new environment, video CX can elevate engagement and can provide the right level of support. To address this engagement channel that has gained popularity, Teleperformance relies on TP Live, a virtual video CX solution that can offer the right experience at the right time.

Exceptional customer service paired with the right technology is vital to stand out in a competitive environment. “You have to differentiate yourself, and you differentiate yourself with technology,” Rincon shared. “Investment in technology is how you prepare for the future, and how you’re going to go after and look out for your customers. How are you going to take care of those customers?”

Learn more about our partnership with Twilio today and drive brand loyalty and customer satisfaction! Click here to join Michael and Raul in an insightful LinkedIn Live session.

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