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Enriching Lives - Elevate Customer Experience

Teleperformance - 01.20.2022

For over four decades, Teleperformance has established itself as a global leader exhibiting industry-leading practices to elevate customer experience. As we continue to form partnerships with clients built on trust, Teleperformance aims to deliver resiliency through innovative solutions. Being a company that drives itself towards creating high-tech, high-touch experiences, we also believe in fortifying partnerships that drive positive changes that can benefit our communities and those who need it the most—it is our responsibility to create a better world, where diversity, equality, and inclusion build, inspire, and sustain lasting connections.

Elevate Customer Experience

Highlighting our commitment to inclusion and empowering first-time workers, we are more than happy to announce our recent partnership with Nestlé Mexico—a collaborative agreement that aims to provide future job opportunities and training for more than 8,000 young individuals in Mexico. The agreement, titled “Unidos por el Propósito,” is pillared by two objectives:


  1. Creating Opportunities—"culture of work without obstacles": focused on consolidating the integration of people with disabilities and achieving gender balance
  2. Developing Skills—"for a young and digital future": Aimed at boosting employability and providing opportunities for young people to build a solid future with technical and functional skills


Unidos por el Propósito is also in line with our vision of a diverse, equal, and inclusive world. The goal is to hire 70% of young people out of a total of 500 telephone advisors for the "Nestlé Cerca de ti" line, which is part of the contact center services that Teleperformance in Mexico provides Nestlé. The agreement also includes hiring 10% of people with motor disabilities, as well as aiming to achieve a gender balance in the “Nestlé Cerca de Ti” contact center services staff. Another objective is to reach 60% women, 40% men in the hiring process.


Nestlé Mexico, together with Teleperformance, envisions better opportunities for Mexico’s youth. Eduardo García, Sales VP for Nestlé Mexico, shares:

"We want our young people to have access to better spaces and opportunities. We are confident that ‘Unidos por el Propósito’ will create shared value for society, consolidating work cultures and generating employability in favorable environments with a positive impact on Mexican youth.”


For Manuel Laborde, CEO of Teleperformance in Mexico, the partnership further strengthens our commitment to creating a better world for all.

"Our social responsibility is the generation of employment and the development of our employees. As one of the 25 Best Workplaces in the World®, we reaffirm our commitment to the youth in Mexico by providing first job opportunities. At Teleperformance, we hire people from all backgrounds and focus on giving new life opportunity to people from vulnerable groups, such as young people without a degree, immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities, and low-income people worldwide. Ending the cycle of poverty begins with access to honest and responsible job opportunities."

We are truly excited with this partnership with Nestlé Mexico as we go above and beyond in ensuring a bigger and brighter future for the youth! We are truly inspired as we foresee the possibilities and opportunities our partnership could bring. Together, we look forward to a better world where inclusion and equality enrich our lives.

Teleperformance’s corporate social responsibility efforts through our Citizen of the World and Citizen of the Planet initiatives center on goodwill, care, growth, and sustainability. We consistently strive to bolster our diversity and inclusion initiatives through our impact sourcing program. As an Employer of Choice, we expand the horizon of opportunities for young individuals wanting to build a career for a brighter future. We serve as an employment gateway to first-time workers eager to enter the workforce, and we’re happy to have made a difference: in 2020 alone, more than 85,000 young people began their professional careers with Teleperformance.


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