Exploring the Benefits of Video in Customer Acquisition and Support

Exploring the Benefits of Video in Customer Acquisition and Support

Teleperformance - 08.02.2023

Video has become an important tool for businesses and organizations to leverage their brand, attract new customers, gain a following, and enhance interactions. Video communications experienced a rise in adoption – the 2022 Front Office CX Omnibus Survey by Ryan Strategic Advisory reported that ¼ of enterprises have adopted video chat and video kiosks as channels for supporting customers.

Furthermore, video adoption is only forecasted to increase, with 59% of the survey’s responders expecting the use of video chat to evolve and 60% expecting the same for video kiosks.

The Power of Video

As one of the fastest growing channels, video has emerged as a channel of choice for sales, customer acquisition, customer support teams. A white paper from Ryan Strategic Advisory stated that the use of video will grow significantly over the next three to five years. Today, customers who contact customer service have embraced video, with agents preferring video interactions over traditional voice calls.

Integrating the power of video into a customer acquisition or support strategy undoubtedly presents advantages. The white paper detailed the key benefits of video-enabled support:

  • Video creates richer, higher-quality interactions and faster resolutions: Face-to-face interactions are no longer limited in physical spaces, thanks to video. Because of this, it’s easier for agents to connect with their customers and gain their trust. With video making it possible for customers to see – and experience – sincerity, care, and empathy, it improves their experience, paving the way for brand loyalty. Video-enabled support can also provide faster solutions, e.g., a tech support scenario, wherein customers can show and explain their issue faster and better to agents through the camera or screen sharing.

  • Video can reduce the cost of customer service: Supporting customers through video can eliminate a company’s travel expenses while optimizing time and resources. Companies can reduce costs each time issues are solved through video, compared to sending out servicemen to physically check a customer’s concern. In sales, the white paper also cited another example: a salesman can visit nearly twice as many accounts through video, removing costs related to travel while also offering convenience to all parties.

  • Video can do things other channels can’t: Traditional voice calls hinder agents from “reading” the emotions of customers. This changes because of video, as agents now have an opportunity to see non-verbal cues to better assess or defuse challenging situations as they support customers.

Video is clearly proving itself as an essential channel that is capable of driving better engagement, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty. Learn more about this growing channel by reading the white paper “ The Rise of Video for Customer Acquisition and Support” from Ryan Strategic Advisory.


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