Inspire Employee Productivity by Offering Flexibility

Inspire Employee Productivity by Offering Flexibility

Teleperformance - 07.24.2023

The peak of the global pandemic might be long gone; however, companies must continue to anticipate the evolving needs and demands of employees. The focus on cultivating employee well-being must never stray, and companies should adjust their current work models to ensure long-term flexibility for employees – with remote work becoming a focal point.


Remote work has been instrumental in implementing business continuity and offering unmatched flexibility to employees. Previously dubbed as “the future of work,” there is no doubt that remote work continues to leave an indelible mark that elevates the experience of employees today, capable of improving employee well-being and inspiring productivity.

Flexibility has Become a Necessity

Flexibility is key to employee productivity. This has been said a couple of times, yet its importance only becomes more evident as work models and employee preferences evolve.

As more employees experienced the benefits of remote work firsthand, many have become accustomed to flexibility that allowed them to achieve work-life balance. “Flexibility is the new norm and expectation from employees,” said Kristin Kelley, Chief Marketing Officer at Careerbuilder in an article by Forbes. The statistics supporting the correlation between flexibility, productivity, and employee well-being remain abundant. Featured in the same Forbes article, Gartner’s 2021 Digital Worker Experience Survey showed that 43% of respondents said that flexible hours helped them achieve productivity.

Remote work is widely accepted because it provides flexibility. In our very own Teleperformance Work-at-Home Employee Survey from 2022, 90% of Teleperformance employees prefer to work remotely, whether exclusively or mostly.

Apart from these strong numbers, flexibility is also key to keeping and retaining employees. It opens avenues that allow employees attain work-life balance, giving them more room (and time) to do things or activities that matter to them the most.

Summing up, offering flexible work options to employees triggers a positive chain of events to employees. Flexible work options contribute to an improved work-life balance, inspiring employees to better manage their time, be engaged in activities outside work, and achieve healthier lifestyles and happier outlook. When they are happy, employees are capable of becoming more engaged, more proactive, committed, and productive.

Cloud Campus Continues to Offer Flexibility to Remote Work Employees

As a global leader, Teleperformance has evolved and adapted with the changing times. Our high-tech, high-touch approach is crucial in everything that we do, ensuring that we blend the best technology while showing care and compassion to our employees – those who work in our physical offices and those who work remotely. With our people at the center of our business, we always ensure that their needs are met, and that they work in an environment that values their safety above all else.

With remote work highly making an impact in the lives of employees, the Teleperformance Cloud Campus continues to elevate the employee experience of our remote workers by offering flexibility and meaningful experiences.

Teleperformance Cloud Campus has instilled creativity and collaboration in remote work environments. Our work-from-home employees have thrived in an environment that allows them to succeed while also having work-life balance and productivity.

We continue to empower and support work-at-home teams by providing the right tools, processes, technologies, and the best practices for building and engaging high-performing remote teams – all while ensuring flexibility to allow them to reach their full potential and achieve happiness.

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