Instilling Creativity and Collaboration in a Work-at-Home Environment

Instilling Creativity and Collaboration in a Work-at-Home Environment

Teleperformance - 02.15.2023

2020 witnessed the meteoric rise of remote work, greatly affecting the way employees perceived and embraced working during disruptive times. Three years later, remote work continues to be in demand. In an article by Forbes, it was mentioned that 8 in 10 remote-capable workers are working hybrid or working from home. Employees’ attitudes surrounding remote work continue to be positive – in Teleperformance’s internal Work-at-Home Survey*, 74% of the respondents preferred to work exclusively from home.

While remote work offers a lot of benefits, it also poses challenges. In the beginning, the transition from a traditional setup to a work-from-home setup created logistical nightmares, technical problems, confusion about work-at-home internal policies, training inefficiencies, or management concerns for most companies. Over time, companies have learned how to overcome these initial drawbacks. On the other hand, employees working from home face ongoing challenges of defeating isolation, maintaining productivity, inviting collaboration within teams, or becoming creative.

Running High on that Creative Juice

Creativity is the fuel that drives innovation. We all know how it affects the traditional workplace: it keeps teams connected, engaged, and inspired to achieve more success. It also adds spice to the normal workday – a spark of creativity has the potential to create an idea that can change the world.


Fast forward to the Age of the New Normal, most employees might feel that creativity in the office is easier to attain, compared to a work-from-home setup. This is an important sentiment that must be acknowledged and prioritized. Companies can keep those creative juices running by investing in tools or programs that build a creative and collaborative environment for its work-at-home employees.

Inviting Creativity: Teleperformance Cloud Campus

The Teleperformance Cloud Campus provides an integrated approach for hiring, managing, and engaging remote teams. It offers the right set of tools and technology to create an efficient environment, while providing social life to employees.

Since its inception, the Teleperformance Cloud Campus has created proper touchpoints with our work-form-home employees, offering them vast opportunities to create a very strong engagement with our organization.

Collaboration paves the way for creativity, and at Cloud Campus. Our video capabilities provide learning, entertainment, and networking opportunities to our employees as part of the new Teleperformance “campus life.” One-on-one chats, virtual training sessions, real-time assistance, coaching, team meetings, and daily briefings are conducted to allow our employees to interact anytime, anywhere.

Boosting employee morale is also critical in inviting creativity in a work-at-home environment. At Cloud Campus, chat line teams are always open to offer support to those who need it, and daily team engagement dynamics are always encouraged. We also continue to foster trust and togetherness to allow our remote teams to build better relationships with one another. Furthermore, employee engagement and development programs such as gamification, myTP (talent management and development platform), All Ideas Matter (a Teleperformance program that allows employees to send innovative ideas that improve business processes), and JUMP (a leadership program) have nurtured and instilled creativity among our remote teams.

Teleperformance understands how creativity is vital to inspiring happiness and success for our employees. Through the Teleperformance Cloud Campus, our work-at-home employees are able to thrive in a collaborative work environment that inspires creativity – despite distance.


Learn more about our award-winning Teleperformance Cloud Campus today.



*2022 Teleperformance Work-at-Home Employee Survey (Sample: 128,000 survey responses across 42 countries)


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