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How to Thrive in Today’s Work-from-Home Environment

Teleperformance - 05.16.2022

Teleperformance's Ben Kirby wrote an article in Training Mag that explored the remote work environment and how companies can thrive in today’s new work setting.

Today’s working environment stands on a plateau created by a wave of change that affected lives as a result of a global pandemic. It has been two years, and hints of a world slowly – but surely – gaining momentum are currently seen: businesses reopening its doors, travel restrictions slowly being eased, and the continuous emergence of work-from-home models after it proved to play a pivotal role in driving business continuity in the face of disruption.

In the midst of a pandemic, the sudden and abrupt shift to a remote work model presented several challenges, such as rapidly transitioning employees to a work-at-home environment. In addition, a remote work environment mean new technologies, as well as new skills that need to be learned in order to achieve efficiency and accuracy.

Adapting to the Remote Work Environment

Teleperformance remains committed to setting the best standards for our employees to consistently thrive and develop. Our award-winning learning and development programs allow our employees to receive and complete training, no matter when or where. Recognizing the pivotal role of remote work in today’s workplace, Teleperformance redefined our training programs to adapt to the remote work setting – during the pandemic, the Teleperformance platform “MyTP: Creating One True Global Organization” provided a curriculum that reskilled trainers to adapt to a virtual environment, as well as delivered key learning topics on personal development. Furthermore, online courses such as “MeetTP” replaced existing face-to-face training programs, resulting in 50,000 training hours saved.

Calibrate to Complement

With remote work looking like it’s here to stay, organizations must reevaluate their strategies – especially in the areas of recruitment, training, and implementing a remote work environment – and calibrate them to complement today’s new norm of working from home. In the article featured on Training Mag, Kirby shared how a media and streaming service company was able to massively recruit and hire employees remotely across multiple regions by adapting its programs to a virtual environment instead of face-to-face training. The company’s success also resulted from focusing on upskilling the training staff to deliver training built for today’s modern workplace. Another key takeaway from Kirby’s article is the importance of streamlining the recruitment and hiring process, which led to improved business results and operational performance of a personal device company.

Learn the three strategies that can help your company adapt to a challenging yet rewarding work-from-home model. Click
here to read Ben Kirby’s article “Thriving in the Work from Home Model” in Training Mag!


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