Standing Strong: Observing World Refugee Day

Standing Strong: Observing World Refugee Day

Teleperformance - 06.20.2022

Teleperformance is united with the world in celebrating and observing World Refugee Day. Taking place yearly on June 20, the day marks an important event. It puts the spotlight on the rights and needs of refugees, as well as the importance of spreading awareness on the plight of every refugee who wants to flee persecution and conflict. World Refugee Day provides an opportunity to spearhead activities that empower and support refugees as they rebuild their future across borders.

This year’s focus, according to the UN Refugee Agency, is the right to seek safety.

Everyone has the Right to Seek Safety

Whoever. Wherever. Whenever.” Individuals – whoever they are, wherever they may come from, or whenever they need to flee – have the right to seek safety, to be treated with dignity, to be welcomed, and to be protected. Everyone has the right to seek safety and the right to be safe. According to the UN, seeking safety encompasses the following:

  1. The right to seek asylum: those who are escaping from conflict or human rights abuses have a right to seek protection in another country
  2. Safe access: borders between countries must always be open to refugees
  3. No pushbacks: countries cannot force refugees to return to a country where their lives are put at risk
  4. No discrimination: refugees must not be discriminated at borders and must be given equal treatment, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or country of origin
  5. Humane treatment: refugees are to be treated with dignity and respect

Teleperformance: Together with UNICEF

According to a report by UNICEF, there are over 8 million people internally displaced within Ukraine. In the country, 3 million children need urgent humanitarian assistance. Furthermore, more than 6.2 million people are seeking refuge across Europe, with more than 3.5 million in Poland. In observing World Refugee Day, Teleperformance continues to strengthen our commitment to supporting children and families in Ukraine. Together with UNICEF, we are helping refugees fight for their right to seek safety and find protection amidst an ongoing crisis.

In refugee-hosting countries, UNICEF is supporting children and their families who are fleeing violence in Ukraine through:

  • Setting up Blue Dots to provide critical support and protection services for children and families, including the identification of unaccompanied children, psychosocial support, and protection from sexual exploitation and abuse
  • Supporting multi-purpose cash transfer payments for vulnerable households with children, including children with disabilities, and strengthening the capacity of national social protection systems to integrate refugee children
  • Providing essential health services, including promotion of vaccination (including COVID and polio vaccination), infant and young child feeding, and essential commodities including vaccines, health supplies, medicine, and micronutrient supplements
  • Facilitating access to temporary learning, including the distribution of education and recreational supplies for children and adolescents as well as recreational and early childhood development activities
  • Establishing temporary water and sanitation services, including the distribution of critical hygiene and dignity supplies, and support for infection prevention and hygiene promotion

Let us all join the world in celebrating World Refugee Day this June 20 by teaching and practicing understanding, empathy, and kindness towards one another – especially those who need protection and our help during a dark time.

the UN Refugee Agency’s page for more information on World Refugee Day.

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