Teleperformance Recruitment Sees Beyond Labels in Decentraland!

Teleperformance - 06.10.2022

As a company that evolves with the latest technologies to continuously enhance CX and employee experience, Teleperformance continues to tap into a whole new world through the metaverse. As an Employer of Choice, we constantly thrive on a culture of diversity, equality, and inclusion – and we are one with the world in going beyond labels to celebrate Pride this June. This month, Teleperformance is more than excited to host the Metaverse Pride parade in Decentraland to empower our LGBTQ+ communities and to celebrate their successes.


The Metaverse Pride parade is a month-long celebration that aims to amplify the voice of the LGBTQ+ community. Participants can expect panel discussions that explore LGBTQ+ narratives, hosted and curated by media celebrities and queer icons that will take place throughout Decentraland.


International music icons are set to grace the Metaverse Pride parade. Special musical performances and experiences will run all month. Popstar Thalia will have a float during the parade. Non-binary tango musician and activist FIFI will have a debut performance. Queer Black-indigenous Brazilian capoeira dancer Puma Camillê is also scheduled to perform their signature “vogue-capoeira fusion” dance.


MyBFF will also present community-designed floats that will add to the celebrations. BFF strives to educate and empower women and non-binary people in Web 3.0. UnicornDAO and QueerCapita’s designs will also grace the parade. Web 3.0’s HUG will present Glitter Robot, a testament to their commitment to leveling the playing field in Web 3.0


Together with Teleperformance, Decentraland aims for Metaverse Pride to be a welcoming space for those in places where Pride celebrations are not accessible. Iara Dias, Head of Metaverse Pride at Decentraland, shared: “It is an honor to get to build the future of the internet with Decentraland, but with it comes the tremendous responsibility to ensure we’re building a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space for everyone, everywhere.”


TP Shuttle Decentraland


Teleperformance will also have a float in the parade, as well as a virtual recruitment booth that will offer career opportunities. We are excited to invite everyone to apply at Teleperformance! As a company that goes #BeyondLabels, we strive to build a work environment where diversity and inclusion are valued. By applying, the event’s participants would get the chance to “work wherever you live, live wherever you love,” as told by the Teleperformance recruitment shuttle. Exciting job openings featuring on-site and remote work opportunities await those who visit the Teleperformance recruitment booth.


Mark your calendars! Join the Metaverse Pride parade and apply by visiting our recruitment booth starting on June 11 until the end of the month in Decentraland. We can’t wait to celebrate with you and go #BeyondLabels this Pride month!

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